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  Our First Cars Way Back When.

Mitch Halgren 1st Car
1953 Mercury Monterey

Mitch Halgren 1st Car
1953 Mercury Monterey


I found it necessary to move to Redwood City California (from Edmonds) shortly after my junior year in high school. This '53 Mercury Monterey was my real "first car". I bought it from a family in Hillsborough who were the original owners . These old (polaroid) pictures don't do it much justice as the spots on the trunk roof are the picture, not primer!! It was pale blue with a dark navy blue top with dark blue and cream colored pleated leather interior. When I bought it the flathead ran flawlessly and the 3 speed with overdrive made it a blast to drive, but it was no sports car! Although it tolerated a lot of my abuse after awhile it needed more power (hahahaha)...so a trade for my Dad's '57 Oldsmobile took place (and he traded the Merc in on a '61 DeSoto). The Olds later turned out to be a poor idea. And THAT'S when the real trouble started!!



Joe McCullough - 1st Car
1950 Chevrolet BelAir

Joe's First - Still has it.



Paul Boehm - 1st Car
1949 Kaiser Deluxe

My first car was a 1949 Kaiser Deluxe that mom, sister and I picked up at the factory in 1949. It was painted Polar Grey. In the fall of 1954 I bought the car from my parents and proceeded to make a hot-rod out of it. It had a 226 ci. 6 cylinder engine with dual carbs on a Edmundson water heated manifold, dual straight pipes and full cam. I drag raced the car at Arlington Drag-strip in the 50's. I wanted more horsepower so I traded it for a new 1957 Plymouth.

Paul Boehm -2nd Car
1957 Plymouth Belveder 4 door Hardtop,

Paul's 2nd car, '57 Plymouth Belvedere 4 door Hardtop. 318 Cid with Stromberg adjustable main jet tri-power carbs. 27 MPG unless you stepped on it. Cost around $2500.00 with automatic transmission. I raced this car at the Arlington Drag-strip and in Abbortsford, Canada in the '50s. The tri-power end carbs were controlled by a T-handle on the dash board which allowed for more precise control. After the car was broadsided in '60 it never handled right again and was traded in 1962 for twin 1956 Plymouth Station wagons. (My family was growing!)

Clay Crook - 1st Car
1946 Plymouth

Clay's '46 Plymouth High School Hot Rod
1958  -  Bought car in May from used car lot for $125. Clay's 17, car's 12
1959  -  Clay & Karen graduate from R.A. Long High, Longview, WA. and the car is painted. Stock Plymouth 6 with 215 cu., puts on headers.
1962  -  Clay & Karen are married, Car goes on honeymoon.
1964  -  Needs more power. Builds & installes a 1953 Chrysler flat head 6, bored to 275 cu., balanced, cam, dual 2 barrel carbs, headers, Jahns 10.5:1 racing pistons, overdrive, and suspension beefed with Dodge hearse springs.
1975  -  Car painted in Sunnyside with Emron Blue/Black paint.
1990  -  Car upholstered in Moses Lake resembling the original.
2008  -  In May they are 67 & 66, car is 62, same owner for 50 years, always garaged.

Doug Skane's 1st Real Car

     Lark - Super Convertible
     1 B.P. 2 Stroke

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury - 1st Car
Al & Cheri Wallace

We were 17 years old when we bought this car.


1968 Plymouth Roadrunner - 2nd Car
Al & Cheri Wallace



Bob Kent 1st Real Car - Unkown Make

       Guess the make and win a prize.


Bob Kent - 1st Car
1946 Ford Rat Rod

Bob's 46 Ford Rat Rod

Bill Anderson, 1st Car
1938 Ford Humpback Sedan

Bill's 1st car.
"This is my first car, a 1938 Ford humpback sedan. The colored picture was taken the day I was leaving for college in E-burg!!  ( that's my sister not my girlfriend!!)"

Bill Anderson - 2nd Car
1936 Ford Coupe

This was Bill's second car. "Traded the 38 for the 36 coupe. My mom was really impressed. This was my daily driver until Glenda and I were married in 1967. Old's rear-end, Chev. 3 speed, and 283 for power."

Bill Anderson - 3rd Car
1967 Pontiac Firebird 400

Bill's 3rd Car, Pontiac Firebird 400.
"Glenda and I signed our teaching contracts to teach in Moses Lake and I ordered this from Hille Chevrolet and Pontiac in Ritzville. $4,100.00 for a loaded Firebird 400. Got it just in time to take on our honeymoon to Canada."

Trooper Bill

Our Hero Bill in Action.
"I just wanted Trooper Duffin to know that I too worked for the State Patrol.  My base was a small Chevron station in Ritzville."

LaDell Yada - 1st Car
1949 Chevrolet Club Coupe

LaDell's 1st car, 1949 Chevrolet Club Coupe

LaDell Yada - The Other Car
50's Isetta

LaDell's other car.
"This is my most unusual car I ever owned! It was a 1950 something
Isetta, (made by BMW I believe) and the picture was taken in Walla Walla in about 1964. This was my work car!" (What a hot rod!)

Bruce Trachte - 2nd Car
1966 Dodge Cornet

      Bruce's 2nd car; a 1966 Dodge Cornet
      I special ordered this car from "SL Savage" in downtown Seattle. I was working at BOEING at the time. SL Savage was the Dodge dealer that was in Cahoots with SPEEA (engineering union) for getting the best deal for their members.
       I think I paid around $2600 and the payments were $76 a month. That was a lot of $$ then for me.
       I ordered it with a 383 4 bbl, four speed tranny with a bench seat so my girl friend could sit in the middle.
       It was a intermediate size car with no power brakes or power steering so it pretty much handled like a truck.
       After I got it, I installed an Edelbrock Trantula intake manifold and big HOLLY carb.
       I would street drag race just about any one that wanted to got for it. I really enjoyed racing it at the Puyallup Raceways drag-strip on weekends.
       By the time I sold it I had gone through three motors.